Cars are part of our daily lives. Although not all of us own a vehicle, most of the population interacts with cars in one way or another in their daily lives. The automotive industry has been with us for more than a century and many anecdotes and discoveries have been made around this sector. Technology is growing by leaps and bounds and we see this reflected in increasingly amazing fleets that offer us new comforts that we almost didn’t even know we needed.

So for you, driving enthusiasts, today we want to share 5 curious facts about cars with you that, perhaps, you didn’t know:

  1. Have you ever wondered which car has the highest mileage recorded in the world? What kind of car do you imagine? Any particular brand? Well, it´s a Volvo P1800 S whose odometer marked 5.25 million kilometers in its last record. This, of course, was entered into the Guinness Book of Records and to this day this record has not been broken.
  2. For many of us, a car is much more than a transportation vehicle. It’s not enough for us to take care of it, wash and polish it regularly and protect it from the sun – we also give it a name! Right? You bet! A study by the insurance company Direct Seguros showed that approximately 20% of Spanish drivers were currently looking for a nickname for their car. Does yours have a name?
  3. 12.5% of all vehicles in circulation today are in one country. Can you guess which one? That’s right! They’re in China. (Okay, okay, we admit this one wasn’t that hard to guess!).
  4. There are millions of car driving simulators out there, but do you know which one is the best one this 2021? It’s Dynisma’s DMG-1, which is the world’s most-advanced driving simulator created by Formula 1 drivers. The company that offers it is located in the United Kingdom and claims to have a technology at least 50% better than that of any rival. (Talk about competitive advantage!)
  5. Can you imagine driving a car without a steering wheel? Well, something that sounds so absurd exactly describes the reality of the first vehicles that ever existed on Eart. They were driven with a lever. The first examples had a semi-handlebar to control the steering, inspired by the rudders of some boats. Amazing, isn’t it?

We hope you enjoyed these 5 fun facts about cars and that you´ll come back to visit us when you want to rent a car on your next trip.

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