If there´s a destination worth touring by car, that´s Ibiza. Leaving behind the most touristic central places to really get to know the island is a privilege and a secret that not everyone knows.

Ibiza is a relatively small island; this means that by renting a car you can fully explore it in just a couple of days, taking into account enough time to stop and appreciate the spaces, of course.

Here are the destinations you can not miss:

  • Dalt Vila: Its name means “high city” and it is the name of the old town of Ibiza. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999 and it´s the governmental, commercial and cultural core of Ibiza. From here, you´ll be able to see a few celebrity yachts as well as all the movement of boats going to the island of Formentera.
  • Cala Comte Beach: This is undoubtedly one of the best coves in Ibiza for its scenery, waters and general panoramic view. Many Ibiza natives will claim that this is their best beach, so it´s a good idea to take the advice of a true Ibicenco.
  • San Antonio Bay: The best sunsets are here! So make a reservation at Café del Mar for a drink at the end of the day in front of the best sunset in Ibiza.
  • Es Vedra: This is the famous and imposing islet that appears in almost every Ibiza postcard. An interesting legend revolves around it, which states that this is the third most magnetic point on earth. Many claim that the navigational instruments of boats are often affected when approaching the islet. Another legend states that this point was home to the mermaids and sea nymphs, and the place that gave life to “Tanit”, the island goddess.

Let´s now answer some questions you may have:

-What type of car is better to rent in Ibiza?

You don´t need a 4×4 or high traction car to visit Ibiza. A simple car is enough to drive around the island. Just make sure it has air conditioning!

-In what state are the roads in Ibiza?

The roads are very well maintained. There are some dirt back roads that lead to hidden coves, so be aware that you may get dirty.

-How much does gas cost in Ibiza?

Gasoline in Ibiza is slightly more expensive than in the rest of Spain, but it is only a few cents more per liter. The average price of gasoline in Ibiza is €1,40 per liter.

-What is the legal age to drive in Ibiza?

The minimum driving age in Ibiza is 18 years old, as in the rest of Europe.

-What is the best time to visit Ibiza?

While it is true that a summer in Ibiza sounds idyllic, the reality is that it can get quite crowded with tourists, so prices go up and the availability of accommodation and hospitality is reduced. Spring, on the other hand, is an excellent time to visit, as the average temperatures at this time of the year ranges between 20 and 25 degrees Celcius, which is more than perfect to enjoy its beaches. April and May in particular are excellent months as spring is well into the season and days of radiant sunshine await you.

Now you have all the information you need to enjoy and tour the very best of the island in an unbeatable way: on wheels! Click here to compare rental prices.

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