Being in Spain and missing the opportunity to visit Barcelona could practically be considered a sin. This famous coastal city has so much to offer that one, two or three visits wouldn´t be enough to really be able to say that you truly know Barcelona. A place coveted by tourists from all over the world where you can breathe in an unmatched multiculturalism with a touristic offer like few other cities in the world.

So Barcelona is a must  on any trip to Spain and, although touring it on foot has its undeniable charm, doing it by car guarantees you the possibility of getting to know it in less time and visiting less central destinations, which otherwise you would miss. Undoubtedly, there´s nothing like the freedom of walking on wheels and this, believe it or not, is a “luxury” at a low cost.

Today we want to tell you about those places located a little farther away from city, which you can comfortably visit with your rented car:

  • Monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat: located in Montserrat, the most important and significant rocky massif of all Catalonia for its strange formation product of erosion. This monastery was founded in 1025 and is a religious reference that every year gathers thousands of pilgrims. It´s located 30 km from the center of Barcelona.
  • Sitges: Known as the Saint-Tropez of Spain, it´s a coastal town in Catalonia that is surrounded by the Garraf natural park. It´s also known worldwide for its Film Festival and Carnival. The combination of its beaches, nightlife and historical sites makes it a favorite for tourists. It´s located 40km from the center of Barcelona.
  • Port Aventura: Just one hour away from Barcelona you´ll find this 119 hectares amusement park dedicated to family fun. With rides for adults and children, this is the ideal destination for families or groups of friends who visit Barcelona and want to live a day full of adrenaline. It´s located just 110 km from the center of Barcelona.
  • Costa Brava: It´s a coastal region of Catalonia that extends from the town of Blanes to the border with France. It stands out for the particular alternation it offers between wide beaches and small coves full of vegetation and rocky cliffs. It has a wide natural diversity and four natural parks. An unmissable destination for nature lovers. It´s 147 km from the center of Barcelona.

These incredible tourist destinations are waiting for you and the best way to visit them is through car rental in Barcelona.  Don´t forget that a car for you and your family is the perfect opportunity to move comfortably and reach those places where the traveler does not normally reach on foot.

If you are going to Barcelona for work or tourism, be sure to check the car rental offers we have for you and book as far in advance as you like. You can choose from a wide fleet of vehicles of different range to suit your budget and your particular needs.

We’ll be waiting for you!